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    The new building of RTV Vojvodina “broadcasting” (VIDEO)

    Construction of the new building of Radio-television Vojvodina in the urban area of Miseluk has been completed and a signal has been broadcasted from this facility, the Provincial government has announced. Construction works worth RSD 3.2 billion were funded by the governments of Serbia and Vojvodina. Work began in August 2017, with demolition and removal of the remains of a building destroyed during the NATO bombing. „The project design and realization of the construction in three stages, as well as expert supervision, entailed the most demanding construction, hydro-technical, electric power, telecommunication, mechanical and installation works, as well as completion of road infrastructure around the facility.“ The procurement of state-of-the-art equipment worth RSD 569 million is currently underway, also funded by the Provincial government and the Ministry of Culture and Information, while funds for landscape design and land development have been secured by the City of Novi Sad,“ the Provincial government reports. This building of 17,350 square metres will be a workspace for 1,500 employees, and program will be broadcasted in Serbian and 15 languages ​​of national minorities.

    Izvor: RTV

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