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    Restoran, doček Nove godine

    Restaurants for 2023 New Year’s party nearly BOOKED: How much does this pleasure cost?

    2023 New Year’s Eve is approaching. Those who want to celebrate it in Belgrade’s restaurants have about 120 larger restaurants at their disposal, where, according to hospitality workers, almost everything is full. Prices for the party with a music program range from 40 to 150 euros depending on the ambience, service and which restaurant includes what in the New Year’s dinner.

    As director of the Business Association of Hoteliers and Restaurant Owners of Serbia (HORES), Georgi Genov, says for BIZLife, the New Year’s party in restaurants in Belgrade did not rise in price much compared to last year.

    When it comes to guests who have made bookings in our hospitality establishments, most of them come from Bulgaria, Republika Srpska, Slovenia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro, according to Genov.

    “City hotels are full at the city center from Falkensteiner to Hilton. All major hotel chains are almost full, more than 80 percent,” he says.

    Although there is a lot of occupancy in hotels and restaurants, the late announcement of who will perform for New Year’s Eve in Belgrade has influenced the arrival of tourists.


    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: Pexels

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