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    Momirovic: Have a little patience, we will have the most beautiful airports

    Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Tomislav Momirovic has said that the airports in Belgrade and Nis do not „seem the most representative“ at the moment, but that in a little more than a year Belgrade will have „by far the largest airport in the region“.

    “We will have one of the most beautiful airports in Europe. We have to be patient for a little while, to show understanding,“ Momirovic told B92 TV, adding that he fully understood that the airport was at the moment „a big construction site“.

    The minister stated that in 2019, six million people passed through Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade, and that he expected that that number would reach 14 million at an annual level in three years.

    He explained that the situation was similar with Nis airport, where a new terminal building was being built, which, according to him, should triple the number of passengers after the completion of works.

    Speaking about the General Urban Plan (GUP) of Novi Sad, Momirovic assessed that this was a very important topic for the residents of Novi Sad, adding that the „intrusion“ into the assembly, at whose session the plan was adopted, was organized by „a local organization from Belgrade“.

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