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    Professor of Economics: We are yet to see what QUALITY OF LIFE is like in Serbia

    Economist Goran Radosavljevic has said that the purchasing power of Serbian citizens has declined significantly in the last year and that they are yet to face a drastic drop in standard.

    Radosavljevic said the statistics at the moment did not faithfully reflect what was really happening when it comes to the population’s standard of living.

    According to the latest data of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, the average net salary in May this year was RSD 74,168, while the median net salary (50% of employees in Serbia) for the same period was RSD 56,582.

    Radosavljevic emphasized that Serbia had reached a relatively high level of average salaries, however, „average prices are catching up with them and not only average prices, but also the prices of basic foods.“

    „The essential problem is that the citizens of Serbia spend most of their income on food, housing and energy, and these are three components that have significantly increased in price in Serbia,“ he said.

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