Economists on Serbia's electric Fiat: Just a good idea, it's too early for champagne

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    Economists on Serbia’s electric Fiat: Just a good idea, it’s too early for champagne

    Professor of FEFA Faculty in Belgrade Goran Radosavljevic has said that it is a good idea to produce an electric car in Kragujevac’s Fiat, but the question is whether it will be realized and how much it will cost.

    “The plan to produce an electric car in a Kragujevac-based factory is like a rescue idea for that factory, but the question is whether it will be realized.”

    Earlier, there was an announcement that Volkswagen would come to Serbia, but they went to Turkey. I would like that idea to be realized, Radosavljevic told Beta, on the occasion of the announcement that the production of an electric car would start in the Kragujevac-based factory.

    Radosavljevic said the second important question was how much the production of an electric car would cost the state of Serbia.

    Production or assembly – an essential question

    He pointed out that a contract with Fiat should have been publicized to see how much the factory, which does not pay all the taxes, had cost Serbia so far.

    “I do not think there is anything in the contract that is controversial, but we should see how much it costs the state. I think the project was worth a billion euros. It is not disputable if it costs that much if we have benefits,” Radosavljevic said.

    He added that one of the essential questions was whether an electric car would be produced in Kragujevac or whether it would be assembled.

    “Slovakia has developed a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises that have been equipped to produce parts for the automotive industry, and in Serbia companies are engaged in ‘rolling’ cables, and these companies are foreign,” Radosavljevic pointed out.

    Since, as he said, the first chance was missed, it should now be used to develop a network of suppliers.

    Radosavljevic said the worst option would be if the factory in Kragujevac was not transformed, which means that it would be shut down, because apparently there was no demand for the car that was now being produced.

    We will open the champagne when the production of an electric car starts in Kragujevac, and until then we can be reasonably optimistic – and nothing more, economist Sasa Djogovic told FoNet in relation to the signing of a contract on financing production with Stellantis.

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