"A good story": Director of Stellantis in Kragujevac presents plan to trade unions

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    “A good story”: Director of Stellantis in Kragujevac presents plan to trade unions

    A delegation of Stellantis, led by CEO Carlos Tavares, visited the plants of the factory in Kragujevac and presented plans for the production of an electric vehicle at a meeting with the representatives of the representative Independent Trade Union of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia (FCA).

    After an hour-long meeting, union’s president Sasa Djordjevic told the Beta agency that the leaders of Stellantis had announced the modernization of the factory and raising the technological level in order to adapt for the start of the production of electric vehicles.

    Djordjevic said it was not specified which model of the vehicle would be produced, but he could conclude from the talks that “it is very likely that an electric B-class vehicle will be produced”.

    “We are told that simultaneously with the drop in production of 500L, the production of an electric vehicle will increase. Based on that, I understood that 500L and an electric vehicle would be produced in parallel for a while, with the production of electric vehicle gradually being increased, and the production of 500L being reduced,” Djordjevic said.

    He estimated that a sophisticated product would be made in Kragujevac with modern technology.

    “We will have modern technology, a sophisticated product will be made. Our factory will practically skip the stage of the production of hybrids, which is common before switching to electric vehicles,” Djordjevic said.

    According to him, the company will try in various ways to depreciate costs that are about 50 percent higher for an electric vehicle, so that the product from Kragujevac would be available to the middle class of customers.

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