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    Patrijarh Porfirije

    Patriarch Porfirije: Church PAYS TAX like all other citizens

    Patriarch Porfirije has rejected the allegations that the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) does not pay taxes, and he pointed out that neither the Church nor the priests are outside the tax system of Serbia, as reported by SOC’s PR service.

    The patriarch stated on his Instagram account that he really could not imagine what motivated those who made completely incorrect claims that the Church did not pay taxes.

    „I am afraid that for those people public finances and the state of Serbia are not on the first, but on the last place,“ he wrote.

    He pointed out that neither the Church nor the priests were outside the tax system of the Republic of Serbia, adding that, like all the other citizens, they paid VAT on all products and services at the applicable tax rates.

    He emphasized that taxes and contributions on the salaries of priests and other church officials were paid regularly.

    He pointed out that no tax law exempted the Church from the tax system, although that was stipulated by European laws on public benefit activities of religious communities.

    „The only exception is that the Church has the right to a refund of the tax paid for about a dozen legally prescribed products that are closely related to worship, and the list includes, for example, incense, wax, but also the organ,“ said the patriarch.

    He pointed out that the views that the church did not pay taxes were incorrect and conscious slander.

    „I hope at least that incorrect claims and conscious slander will no longer have a privileged place in the media,“ the patriarch stated.

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