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    Forbes recommends Serbia in the TOP 5 HIDDEN DESTINATIONS

    The US magazine Forbes has included Serbia on the list of five European countries which, as they say, are perfect for travellers looking for less popular destinations.

    If you have already spent quite a bit of time in Western Europe, consider traveling to one of the underrated nations in the east, north or south of the continent. Rich in beautiful nature and fascinating history, these five countries are ideal for those looking for a truly unique experience, reports Forbes.

    Explaining the reasons for the visit to Serbia, Forbes, below the photo of the Temple of Saint Sava, stated that our country is abundant in natural mineral water springs, emphasizing that our spas are „world class“ and that they attract visitors from all over Europe. Vrnjacka and Ribarska spas are emphasized as destinations where tourists can spend a relaxing holiday.

    The magazine notes that Serbia is also rich in historical cities, from Nis, which is the birthplace of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great, to Novi Sad, which is singled out as being known as „Serbian Athens“ due to its historical significance.

    Forbes notes that no trip to Serbia is complete without a visit to Belgrade, and it describes the Serbian capital as one of the oldest European cities, which is not only full of „archaeological excavations“, but also has a „lively scene“ for lovers of food and drink.

    In addition to Serbia, Forbes included Moldova, Latvia, Slovakia and Montenegro on the list.

    Izvor: BIZlife

    Foto: Pixabay

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