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    Trade unions ask REM to dismiss BoD of RT Vojvodina

    All three representative trade unions in Radio-televizija Vojvodine have sent a letter to the REM Council to dismiss the Board of Directors of RTV, because it has been late in announcing the competition for the CEO for almost a year.

    „Bearing in mind that the BoD was constituted in August 2021, and that more than ten months have passed since then and no competitions were announced, and that public broadcaster RTV is in a very poor and uncertain financial situation, we believe that the failure of the BoD to appoint an acting director and announce a competition for the appointment of the CEO contributes to the poor functioning of this public media institution,“ it is stated in a letter that the Beta agency inspected.

    Since July 2021, RTV has had no CEO and program director, and the term of office has expired for both the editor-in-chief of the first TV channel, and the editor of the web editorial office.

    The employment contract with the deputy CEO of RTV, Jožef Klem, expires in early July 2022, when he becomes eligible for retirement.

    The representative trade unions have written to the members of the BoD on two occasions this year and asked them to urgently appoint an acting CEO and announce a competition for a new CEO.

    They expressed doubts that the Board of Directors had knowingly violated the law in this matter and asked the members why they had accepted the position, if they were avoiding responsibility. To date, they have received no response to either memo.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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