The French will REFURBISH our dilapidated castles

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    The French will REFURBISH our dilapidated castles

    The Serbian Minister of Culture, Maja Gojkovic, announced that experts from France should come in September to prepare the realization of the “Castles of Serbia” project.

    During her visit to the Neuhausen Castle in Nova Crnja, Gojkovic said the “Castles of Serbia” project should protect that part of the cultural heritage and use its potential for both culture and tourism, the Ministry of Culture announced.

    The minister said that there were 118 castles, villas, and summer houses in Serbia, and the recommendation of French experts was that the project encompasses 25 most prepared for refurbishment and, as she stated, “finding the right purpose that would fulfil cultural content and tourist offer”.

    Gojkovic stated that French experts should visit the facilities in September and then prepare a feasibility study and a recommendation on what to do. How the project will be implemented has not been decided yet, but the minister said that a public-private partnership is proposed.

    She added that the Republic and Provincial Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments will also work on the project.

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