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    NEW MEASURES: Crisis Staff introducing a THIRD DOSE of the vaccine

    At the session of the Crisis Staff, it was decided to enable administration of the third dose to particularly vulnerable groups. The third dose will be recommended for citizens suffering from certain systemic and other diseases.

    Furthermore, the rulebook according to the model that was used at the EXIT festival will be implemented to large events. This practically means that inoculated people will enter all larger events, cultural, sports and other, with confirmation that they have been inoculated, while others will have to have a negative PCR or antigen test.

    One of the conclusions of today’s session is full engagement of all competent bodies on as high as possible level of inoculation. Although it was originally planned for the Crisis Staff to meet on August 1st, due to the third dose of the vaccine, the date was postponed, and the situation related to increase in the number of infected was analysed at today’s meeting.

    Before the session, it was announced that the third dose of the vaccine and possible tightening of measures in fight against Covid-19 would be discussed, and some media even reported that one of the first new measures was that entry into catering facilities and attendance at large events would allegedly only be allowed to those inoculated!

    In the previous days, experts warned of an increase in the number of newly infected people, as well as of the danger of a fourth wave in Serbia in September, due to the weak response to inoculation. In the last 24 hours alone, 332 new cases of the virus have been confirmed in Serbia.

    Izvor: BIZlife, agencije

    Foto: Beta/AP

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