Republic Geodetic Authority introduces "cadastral alarm" - here's what it is for

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    Republic Geodetic Authority introduces “cadastral alarm” – here’s what it is for

    The Republic Geodetic Authority (RGZ) of Serbia has announced that a new app “Cadastral Alarm” is being implemented, which ensures that an owner of real estate or anyone who has a legal interest is alerted about all the changes related to the real estate.

    Citizens will thus be informed in real time if someone maliciously tries to submit a request for change of ownership or registration of records and encumbrances, litigation, correction of errors, as well as any other actions that may harm the owner and endanger his/her rights.

    In order for the user to receive information about all the changes related to the real estate he/she monitors, it is necessary to fill in an application form on the RGZ website verified with an electronic signature, and all the notifications will be sent by e-mail without going to help desks or daily checking the eCadastre app on the RGZ website.

    “Real estate registered in the cadastre can never again be the subject of fraudulent activities, double sales, endangering the right of ownership of real estate or other machinations, because the digital RGZ system now automatically detects such activities and sends alerts,” said RGZ.

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