Entrepreneurs claim: E-fiscalization will cost 5 times more

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    Entrepreneurs claim: E-fiscalization will cost 5 times more

    The Association “Protector of Entrepreneurs and Businessmen of Serbia” has announced that E-fiscalization will cost businessmen RSD 2,600 a month instead of RSD 480 and that this is not in line with the announced reduction of costs.

    The current system of fiscal cash registers does not require an internet connection, and the cost is RSD 480 per month for a SIM card. The new system includes the replacement of devices, mandatory internet connection which costs around RSD 1,800 a month, software for communication with the tax administration and an app for issuing invoices, which is offered for RSD 800 a month, so the monthly costs increase from RSD 480 to RSD 2,600, contrary to the announced reduction in E-fiscalization costs,” the association stated.

    It is added that the new Law on Fiscalization was presented as a tool for combating grey economy, modernization and reduction of costs for the economy, which was used as justification for the costs that will be paid by taxpayers’ money for subsidies for the purchase of necessary devices, which were originally announced to amount to RSD 3 billion, but later spiked to RSD 6 billion.

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