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    Lawyers are still not working, no trials: „Nobody called us to negotiations“

    Members of the Belgrade Bar Association will continue the suspension of work which began on December 24, and at today’s session of the Board, they will consider what can be done to overcome the problem that arose due to disputes regarding the costs of loan processing.

    In relation to the information that the lawyers and the Association of Banks „sat at the table“ to negotiate about disputes that were conducted before this year’s decision of the Supreme Court of Cassation regarding the costs of loan processing, president of the Belgrade Bar Association told the BIZLife portal that the Belgrade Bar Association was not participating in them.

    „The Belgrade Bar Association has no information about that, no one has informed us that negotiations are underway, or that they should be, as well as whether we should send our representatives in order to negotiate about the disputed issue,“ President of the Belgrade Bar Association, Momcilo Bulatovic, said for the BIZLIfe portal.

    He adds that the suspension of work, which started last Friday, will be continued until further notice.

    The Belgrade Bar Association suspended its work on Friday, December 24, as a form of protest due to the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Civil Procedure and the opinion of the Supreme Court of Cassation regarding the costs of processing bank loans.


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