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    Belgrade Waterfront owes the City EUR 100 million

    Out of the approximately 670 million euros in uncollected claims of the Capital, „Beograd na vodi“ d.o.o. alone owes Belgrade RSD 11.8 billion, i.e. EUR 100 million.

    The Anti-Corruption Council has analysed the work of local self-governments that generate source revenues of less than 40 percent of the total local budget, despite the property they own, and on that basis, the claims of the City of Belgrade alone amount to over 600 million euros.

    Vice President of the Council, Miroslav Milicevic, has told the portal that there is no real data on the property at the disposal of local self-government units.

    „A much bigger problem is the fact that various fees for the use of that property are not collected within the legal deadline. It is very important to look carefully at Belgrade, where claims amount to millions of euros on various bases, so that the total would exceed 600 million euros,“ Milicevic emphasized.

    The report of the Anti-Corruption Council states that the largest amounts are spent on local administration, and the lowest on essential needs, primarily environmental protection, energy efficiency, economic development and others…


    Foto: Beta/Milan Timotić

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