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    No more free of charge: Internship to be paid 2/3s of MINIMUM WAGE

    The Ministry of Labour has published a draft law on internship, which prescribes the right to compensation for performing internship in the amount of at least two thirds of the minimum wage, increased by the corresponding contributions and taxes.

    An intern who performs part-time internship is entitled to compensation for internship in proportion to the time spent on internship.

    The employer is obliged to calculate and pay the trainee compensation in the amount determined by the internship contract exclusively in cash and within the deadlines determined by the internship contract, at least once a month, and no later than the end of the current month for the previous month.

    As proposed, the trainee will also have the rights related to the obligatory pension and disability insurance, as well as the obligatory health insurance.

    The public debate on this draft law lasts until December 23.

    In Serbia, the youth unemployment rate between the ages of 15 and 24 is consistently higher than the employment rate.

    In 2020, the youth unemployment rate was 26.6 percent, while the employment rate was 20.8 percent, according to the explanation of the draft law on internship.


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