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    aleksandar vučić

    Vucic „puts the brakes“ on PROBLEMATIC Expropriation Act

    President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, has said that he proposes to the Government not to adopt the new Expropriation Act, but to hold the broadest public debate that would reach a broad public consensus.

    He says that he signed the Act on the Referendum and People’s Initiative, but he proposes to the Government to adopt amendments to the Act which will accept the objections of the Venice Commission.

    Vucic said that he had made and signed the decision on returning the adopted Expropriation Act to the Parliament on the basis of Article 113, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution of Serbia, and Article 19, Paragraph 1 of the Law on the President of the Republic.

    „First, I am returning the Expropriation Act to the Parliament, and second, the decision must be submitted to the Parliament immediately,“ the president stated during his address to the public.

    According to him, the deadlines provided by law were insane.

    „Particularly problematic from the very beginning are the deadlines given to the owner of real estate – land, houses, any real estate – that he/she has to accept the decisions of the Revenue Administration, deadlines for an appeal that were terribly short, 5 + 3 days and you would thereby exhaust all the possibilities,“ said the president.

    He also criticized the fact that the Act had not been submitted to public debate.

    „There was no public debate with a strange explanation – covid. Is that right? Everyone adds numbers, they make up the numbers of people at their rallies, from the ruling party to the opposition, so covid is not a problem for them then, but it is a problem for a public debate,“ said Vucic.

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