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    Vucic in the UAE: US$1 billion for Serbia at 3% interest rate

    President Vucic has said in Abu Dhabi that an agreement between the two countries has been signed, under which Serbia will receive US$1 billion at a favourable interest rate, which will ensure solvency.

    This is a huge support for Serbia, whenever it is difficult, Serbia can rely on the UAE, the president noted.

    The two countries’ delegations signed nine agreements. President Aleksandar Vucic arrived in the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi, where he was welcomed by President of the UAE, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and where nine agreements were signed between the two countries.

    Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed al Nahyan welcomed Vucic with the words: „Welcome to your other homeland“.

    The reception was organized with a 21-gun salute, as well as the anthems of the two countries. Vucic expressed gratitude to Sheikh Bin Zayed for the magnificent reception and wonderful friendship he showed towards Serbia, calling him a dear friend, reports RTS.

    “Thank you for everything we have done together. I look forward to your arrival in Belgrade, to see how our projects are progressing and I am sure that we can do even more in the interest of our countries,“Vucic wrote on his Instagram account.

    President Vucic is on an official visit to the United Arab Emirates at the invitation of the head of that country, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed.

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