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    Beogradske elektrane REJECTS parties’ claims about heating charges

    PUC Beogradske elektrane has rejected as false the allegations of some opposition parties and movements about billing, prices and charging of thermal energy.

    The public company has said that “the last significant” change in the price of delivered thermal energy took place in 2012, when the price increased by 18.5% for all consumer categories and price elements.

    “The last adjustment took place in October 2015. i.e. heating prices were formed in accordance with the new Regulation, based on the actual costs for the production and delivery of thermal energy in the amount of 0.04%. From October 1, 2015, the price of thermal energy has not changed,”, according to a press release.

    It is stated that “contrary to the allegations made by irresponsible political movements, parties and individuals”, the decision on the method of calculation of the fee for delivered thermal energy “is exclusively the responsibility of consumers”.

    “The notification about the procedure and conditions for changing the method of charging for thermal energy is clearly posted on the website of PUC Beogradske elektrane and every residential assembly can change the method of calculation and switch from the flat rate calculation method to charging by consumption,” the statement reads.

    It is added that the reduction in costs for delivered thermal energy and reaching the optimal, prescribed and high-quality apartment heating can only be achieved “by increasing energy efficiency of buildings”.

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