Trains between Novi Sad and Belgrade 200 km/h, but only for 4.5 minutes

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    Trains between Novi Sad and Belgrade 200 km/h, but only for 4.5 minutes

    After the reconstruction of the Belgrade-Novi Sad railway is completed and the first trains start operating at the beginning of 2022, they will really travel on that route at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour.

    However, as the Danas daily reports, this speed will only be possible on one small section in the length of only 15 kilometres.

    “This means that passengers will have the opportunity to experience high-speed travel for a total of exactly four and a half minutes,” the daily reports.

    According to a source close to the railway company Zeleznice Srbije, Stadler trains capable of developing a speed of 200 kilometres per hour, and the first ordered will arrive in our country in October, will really be able to reach maximum speed, but only on a small part of the route between Belgrade and Novi Sad.

    According to the interlocutor, that section will be “15 kilometres long at most” out of a total of about 75 kilometres, which is the length of the railway between the two cities. This practically means that the authorities, when they talk about the construction of the Belgrade-Novi Sad railway, do not reveal to the public that the speed of 200 kilometres will not be developed along the entire length of that railway section.

    The current maximum allowed speed of trains on that section is 120 kilometres per hour, but only in the part between Nova and Stara Pazova.

    Namely, the modernization of the railway from Belgrade to Novi Sad is in progress. On the first section Belgrade – Stara Pazova, 34.5 kilometres long, the works are being performed by the Chinese companies China Railway International and China Communication Construction Company.

    The entire investment is worth around 850 million euros.

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