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    Glas Sumadije: Organized watching of the military parade – FOR CHILDREN

    Pupils of all primary and secondary schools from Kragujevac are invited to attend the military parade that will be held on St. Vitus Day, June 28, 2021 in this town, reports Glas Sumadije.

    According to this portal, the school administration of Kragujevac forwarded an e-mail to the principals of all primary and secondary schools with the subject „Organized watching of the military parade“ in which it is stated that it is necessary for all the schools to bring pupils to this event, namely primary schools should bring pupils from the fourth to the eighth grade, and secondary schools pupils of all grades.

    Pupils with teachers should take places for watching the parade by 12.30 pm at the latest. Pupils from the first to the third grade of primary schools are recommended to attend the parade accompanied by their parents, Glas Sumadije reports.

    The e-mail also says that there is organized transportation for pupils and teachers that are far from the place where the parade is taking place, and that it is necessary for schools to send data on the number of pupils and teachers who will attend this event by no later than Thursday, June 24, by the end of working hours, to the e-mail address of the School Administration.

    „Dear principals, due to the importance of the military parade for our State, our Army and our Town, please do your best to ensure that the organization of its viewing takes place at the highest level both in terms of the number of pupils and ensuring their safety (teachers should prepare pupils for watching the parade,“ the statement concludes, as the portal reports.

    Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic should also attend the parade on June 28.

    Izvor: Glas Šumadije

    Foto: BIZLife

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