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    Toll for trucks on lower-category roads

    Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure Goran Vesic has announced toll collection for trucks with a load of more than 12 tons, which use first and second B-category roads, in order to prevent the destruction of road infrastructure.

    „There is a problem with the maintenance of the first and second B category roads in Serbia, which are mostly destroyed by trucks that use them to avoid toll collection on the highway. We will introduce a toll obligation for trucks weighing more than 12 tons on these roads,“ said Vesic at the Kopaonik Business Forum, who previously pointed out that the regulation would become applicable this year.

    He added that every kilogram of excess that a truck carried would also be charged, as well as that routes for the movement of transit traffic would be published, in order to prevent the destruction of local roads.

    He pointed out that this would provide additional funds for the maintenance of these roads. „It is estimated that the collection of this toll will provide from 60 to 70 million euros per year,“ Vesic said.

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