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    Race for country houses begins

    Minister of Village Care, Milan Krkobabic, has said that applications have started to arrive for this year’s tender for the awarding of grants for the purchase of a country house with a garden in Serbia.

    “The race for country houses has begun,” Krkobabic said. He stated that „it started in Dimitrovgrad, the south-east woke up, the villages of Zeljusa and Gojin Dol are leading the way“.

    „Another house in Zeljusa, in addition to the previous seven, covering the area of 65 square meters with a garden of 638 square meters, of an estimated value of RSD 1,164,126. The eighth house will be occupied by a family with three children. So far, this village is richer for eight families,“ Krkobabic said.

    The second house is in the village of Gojin Dol, covering an area of 66 square meters with a garden of 773 square meters, and its estimated market value is 903,665 dinars.

    „Great interest in country houses, especially by young people, is undoubtedly confirmation that we are all doing a good job for the state of Serbia,“ Krkobabic said.

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