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    The ministry reminds travel agencies: A new deadline to harmonize business activities

    Travel agencies that have been issued a license on the basis of a bank guarantee according to provisions of previous regulations, have the obligation to harmonize their business activities no later than December 31st this year, otherwise they will be deleted from the Tourism Register ex officio.

    This is envisaged by the amendments to the Rulebook on the Conditions and a Manner of Ranking the Travel Organizer’s License in Different Categories, the Manner of Changing the License Category, the Content of the Request for Issuance and Renewal of the License, as well as Conditions and Manner of Issuing the Ceremonial License Form, published in the last „Official Gazette“ on July 23rd.

    Travel agencies, i.e., travel organizers who have a valid license, but who have not provided the prescribed travel guarantee by the date of entry into force of this rulebook, have the obligation to harmonize their business activities with provisions of the rulebook prescribing conditions and ranking of the license no later than December 31st, 2021. (in part on the prescribed conditions for the recipient of the bank guarantee).

    Otherwise, the Registrar will delete them from the Tourism Register ex officio.

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    Foto: Pixabay

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