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    Pola ekipe RTS-a iz Tokija završilo u karantinu

    More than half of the journalist team of RTS, which reports from the Olympic Games in Tokyo, had to go to mandatory two-week quarantine, because one foreign journalist who travelled with them to Japan on July 19th was infected with COVID.

    This information was announced from the capital of Japan by Predrag Milinkovic, who joined Dnevnik 2 of the Public Service on Sunday evening.

    „As of tomorrow, you will not see most of my colleagues in live broadcasts from Tokyo. All because of an unknown person on a flight between Frankfurt and Tokyo on July 19th, who was sitting near my colleagues. We don’t know who that person is, we only know that she was sitting near them and thus they have to be quarantined. They have been in their rooms since a few hours ago, waiting for a PCR test and we hope for good news“, said Milinkovic and added:

    „They have all been inoculated and are among the 33 quarantined passengers. Everyone followed the rules. The team that was allowed to continue working will do so with reduced capacities, with the support of colleagues in Belgrade. I believe that everyone will have negative test results, we all adhered to the measures, until today everyone was negative „, stated Milinkovic.

    „All members of the RTS delegation were inoculated before leaving for Japan, all of them had four negative test results on the coronavirus upon arrival in Tokyo, but the regulations are regulations, and quarantine was necessary,“ RTS reports.

    Thus, the journalists of the Public Service are not allowed to leave the hotel rooms now, so there will be no one to report from the scene, at least we will not see that from those who are in quarantine. So, it is clear that most of the broadcasts will be made from studios in Belgrade.

    Izvor: BIZlife,RTS

    Foto: Screenshot/RTS

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