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    Geneks kula

    Second attempt to sell Genex Tower, price REDUCED

    Since the first attempt to sell the Genex Tower in Novi Beograd failed at the end of May, the bankruptcy trustee made a decision to try again, but instead of RSD 2 billion, the initial price for the building known as the Western Gate of the City will be RSD 1.46 billion.

    „The starting price in this public tender will be 35 percent of the estimated value of the subject of sale, which is RSD 1.46 billion, with the obligation of potential buyers to pay a deposit in the amount of 20 percent of the estimated value, which amounts to RSD 834.6 million,“ says the Notice of Intent, Plan, Method and Deadlines for Sale, signed by the bankruptcy trustee of Generalexport, Budimir Mrdovic.

    The public tender is scheduled for August 26, at 12:00 o’clock, at the Bankruptcy Supervision Agency.

    On May 23, Genex Tower was offered at an initial price of RSD 2 billion.

    In March 2017, the Commercial Court in Belgrade declared bankruptcy in this company. The company, i.e. its bankruptcy trustee Budimir Mrdovic, requested the sale of a part of property. It is the tower of 14,943 square meters. It has 28 individual parts of the building, business premises and garages.

    Generalexport has been in bankruptcy since 2015, and its affiliated company ICG has been in bankruptcy for years. For years, the Danas daily has been reporting on several occasions about the workers of both companies, because even after 13 years since the conditions for collecting the social program from the sale have been met, they are still „on hold“.


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