Mali: In one day, debt was reduced by two percent

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    Mali: In one day, debt was reduced by two percent

    Serbia has settled a debt of US$1,030,000,000, i.e. EUR 890 million, Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said in the Serbian Parliament.

    “We have not repaid this debt by refinancing or reprogramming it, instead we paid it from the savings we made in the budget, we collected the money and repaid the old debt in one day. This is important news for the citizens of Serbia,” Mali said.

    Mali said the public debt was reduced by US$1.03 billion, i.e. two percentage points, and the debt dropped from 56.1 percent to 54.1 percent of GDP.

    He added that reducing the debt in one day by two percentage points and reducing the unemployment rate were an indicator that Serbia was on the right path – the path of economic recovery and development.

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