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    Delta opens a shopping mall next March in Varna

    The company Delta Real Estate, a part of Belgrade-based Delta Holding, announced today that together with the Bulgarian company AP Invest, it would open the Delta Planet Mall in Varna on 28 March.

    This investment of Delta and AP Invest in the second largest shopping mall in Bulgaria is worth EUR 120 million and so far 88.3 percent of the commercial space has been leased, reporters were told in Sofia.

    The shopping mall has 110,000 square meters and it is larger than Delta City in Belgrade by a third.

    In addition to the hypermarket Bila, there will be 200 stores selling famous world brands, as well as 12 cinemas and a large space with various entertainment facilities for children and families.

    CEO of Delta Real Estate, Zorana Zdrala Burlic, has said that there is a possibility that several products from Serbia will be available in the Varna shopping mall.

    She said that Delta had prepared four projects in Serbia – the construction of the company’s business center, Delta Centre, the shopping mall Delta Planet at Autokomanda and the shopping mall in Nis, and that they were still waiting for the permits of the city authorities.

    „We have prepared the projects and secured finances, we are just waiting for the permits,“ she said and recalled that they had been waiting for the permits for the shopping mall at Autokomanda for almost four years.

    According to Zdrala Burlic, the opening of the shopping mall that Delta built in Banja Luka is scheduled for 21 March.

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    Foto: Delta Holding

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