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    Low salaries and bad conditions: As many as 670 workers want to leave Tigar

    Members of the trade union „Nezavisnost“, the employees of the company Tigar Tyres in Pirot, organized a protest in front of that company, expressing dissatisfaction with the failed negotiations with the management.

    Chief Commissioner of the trade union „Nezavisnost“ in Tigar Tyres, Goran Jovanovic, said that the trade union was asking for 15 percent higher salaries, and that they were complaining about a bad collective agreement.

    „We presented our objections, which were accepted by the management, but they were not introduced in the new collective agreement. It is still unknown whether they will be included in the collective agreement,“ Jovanovic told reporters in Pirot.

    He added that he saw the departure of Tigar Tyres’ workers to other rubber companies that had launched their production plants in Serbia „as a danger“.

    „According to unofficial data, 670 workers applied to go to other rubber companies. The trade union is not only fighting for higher salaries, better working conditions, but also for this town so that people would stay to work here and Tigar Tyres would do business,“ Jovanovic emphasized.

    He pointed out that the employees expressed their dissatisfaction at this gathering, and that a possible strike depended on the employer.

    The trade union „Nezavisnost“ in this Pirot-based company was formed in January this year and it has about 500 members.

    Tigar Tyres’ communications department has said the company’s relationship with the trade unions is „constructive and oriented towards dialogue and long-term cooperation for the benefit of all factory workers.“

    „We are in contact with trade unions and employees, we are open to talks and, as always, we encourage real social dialogue with respect and understanding, open and transparent communication,“ Tigar Tyres said in a press release.

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