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    HARDEST times are yet to come, but citizens MAY not feel the burden

    Finance Minister Sinisa Mali has said that Serbia reacted quickly and adequately to the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, but that „the hardest times are yet to come“ and that the state will try not to transfer the crisis to citizens and the economy.

    „What I can say is that we will do our best to deal with this situation as well as possible and that we will not shift the burden of the crisis to citizens and the economy,“ Mali told the Kurir daily.

    He reiterated that Serbia had enough basic foods, that commodity reserves were filled on time, adding that there were „several open issues“ with energy, especially with coal transport.

    „There are talks with the Chinese about additional barges that would deliver coal to the port in Constanta (Romania). Sufficient quantities of diesel and gasoline should also be procured,“ Mali said.

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