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    C&A issues press release after being accused of SMUGGLING: We are victims of FRAUD

    Yesterday, the news was announced by the media that the German fashion brand C&A carried out illegal activities of smuggling and selling Chinese goods as its own, thereby damaging the budget of the Republic of Serbia by EUR 6 million.

    Today, C&A Serbia declared bankruptcy after, as it stated, it „became the target of organized customs fraud by unknown perpetrators“.

    „The perpetrators systematically committed more than 300 fraudulent acts in violation of customs regulations of the Republic of Serbia. This decision affects 14 stores and about 135 employees in Serbia. The situation is very specific and applies only to Serbia. This development does not in any way concern other markets on which C&A operates,“ said the company based in Dusseldorf, which sells textile goods.

    It is added that the perpetrator of the fraud is one of the company’s business partners, „as well as other perpetrators who are still unknown“.

    „The aforementioned perpetrators systematically performed more than 300 acts of fraudulent import in the period from 2014 to 2021, abusing the C&A logo, customs status benefits and the authority to represent the C&A customs representative in Serbia. The criminal offence was discovered in October 2021 when C&A was first informed about these fraudulent imports by the customs authorities of the Republic of Serbia,“ the press release reads.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: YT Scrn/Pixabay

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