Great Women of Small Business: Third panel - Innovations in entrepreneurship

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    Great Women of Small Business: Third panel – Innovations in entrepreneurship

    A new third in a row panel from the series “Great Women of Small Business”, where female panellists talked about the constant need for innovations in business and production, has been held in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC) today.

    Panel moderator Danijela Mirkovic, partner of the Revision and Associated Services Department of the company EY, said that survey among entrepreneurs, so called EY barometer, showed that innovations are becoming extremely significant in entrepreneurship, not just in Serbia but also on the global level.

    “As much as 40 percent of respondents said that they introduced certain innovations in their business, and there is also a large percentage of those who said they expect to introduce artificial intelligence into their business within five to ten years,” Mirkovic pointed out.

    The founder and owner of the company AURA Mila Litvinjenko assessed that innovations are necessary because they are “the future” and small firms have an advantage there.

    “Small firms can react to changes much faster and implement them quicker, this being their advantage,” Litvinjenko pointed out.

    Founder of the company Art Ival (Prime Minister of Chocolate) Tatjana Vucicevic reminded that it was very difficult in the 90s, when she started her business, but there were certain advantages as well.

    “The 90s were indeed difficult, but back then we had better opportunity to present something new, to offer something that previously was not available in Serbia, opposed to nowadays,” she explained.

    The founder of the StartIt centres in Serbia, Zoja Kukic, “gave” an advice to those who plan to “engage” in entrepreneurship and pointed out – “Just begin.”

    “People are thinking about all the possible challenges that can arise after six months or a year and they start working on them, even though this will certainly come up later. If you have a feeling, just go, even if you have to make tiny steps,” Kukic said.

    The organizers of the project are BIZLife magazine and the agency Life in Harmony. The project is supported by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, and sponsor of the project is EY Serbia.

    Izvor: BIZLife

    Foto: BIZLife

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