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    Fiat’s workers who do not accept to work in Slovakia will be MADE REDUNDANT

    About a thousand of Fiat’s workers in Kragujevac can apply for one of two options to work in Slovakia by Friday, July 8. The employees who do not accept this offer from the employer will be made redundant.

    The Independent Trade Union of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Serbia (FCA) says the employer, in addition to the options of „continuous work“ for 24 months, offered another option of „three plus one“ and extended the registration until July 8.

    President of the Independent Trade Union of FCA, Sasa Djordjevic, said that last week, severance payments were paid to 492 workers on the basis of redundancy, in the amount of EUR 790 per year of service at the Fiat factory.

    He recalled that it was previously announced by FCA that 500 workers would definitely remain in the factory in the period until the start of production of the electric vehicle in 2024.

    Djordjevic stated that the status of about a thousand more workers remained to be determined by Friday – whether they would go to work in Slovakia or be on the list for redundancy.

    He did not want to estimate whether applying for work in Slovakia would be more acceptable to workers after the new option was offered „three plus one“, which the trade union had previously asked for.

    “It has been a long time, the agony has lasted for too long… In the meantime, a higher severance pay was offered. The situation is such that a large number of workers want to leave the factory. Among them, there are workers who fall into the protected categories. We advocated for them in the negotiations to be excluded from the social program,“ Djordjevic said.

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