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    One step away from a solution: Meeting of Fiat’s workers in the Presidency is over

    The workers of Kragujevac-based Fiat have finished a meeting in the Presidency of Serbia where they discussed the conditions of the social program, but also the work in other factories, N1 TV reported.

    Sasa Djordjevic of the Fiat Workers’ Trade Union said after the meeting that they were one step away from the final agreement.

    Djordjevic said they had submitted a complete list of the categories of protected workers and that they hoped that they would all keep their jobs.

    For those who received severance pays, they demanded the speeding up of the recruitment process in two defense industry factories in Zastava TERVO in Kragujevac and Borbeni slozeni sistemi in Velika Plana.

    According to him, until Friday, the workers can opt for one of two options for working abroad in Slovakia, and those who do not opt for either will be dismissed.

    „The opting for Slovakia can be extended by a day or two,“ he added.

    He also said that nothing was resolved for those workers who applied for Slovakia, but received a severance pay.

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