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    Cajetina gives Hilandar 70 hectares on Zlatibor

    The Municipality of Cajetina has decided to transfer 70 hectares of land on Zlatibor Mt. to the Hilandar Monastery for the purpose of realizing scientific and educational camps, which would then grow into an educational institution within secondary education.

    “The idea is to build an educational facility with a boarding school to accommodate students and sports and recreation fields. This is the first time that the Hilandar Monastery has got its estate on the territory of the Zlatibor district.”

    The ceremony of awarding this donation will be held on Friday, July 8, in the presence of the Abbot of the Hilandar Monastery, Archimandrite Methodius, announced President of the Cajetina Municipal Assembly, Arsen Djuric, after the assembly session.

    In addition, Djuric added, 27 more items of the agenda were dealt with and the most important was budget revision for 2022, since the funds in the budget increased by RSD 475 million, so the total budget now amounts to about RSD 3.8 billion.

    „This is not the total amount because we carry out a large number of investments together with financiers and investors, so the total budget of the municipality of Cajetina will be over five billion dinars, which is the highest budget per capita in entire Serbia,“ he said.

    He explained that most of the budget funds were earmarked for investments.

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