Crisis Staff decides: NO new measures

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    Crisis Staff decides: NO new measures

    The Crisis Staff has postponed the adoption of restrictive measures. At the moment, the current measures will remain in place – wearing masks, distance and strict control and supervision, the media report.

    The session of the Crisis Staff began today, just after 2 pm in the Palace of Serbia, and after its completion, the Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabic addressed the media.

    “The epidemiological situation was somewhat better yesterday and today, although the figures are still so high that it does not seem to be better. Last week at this time we had the worst day, with 8,500 new cases of infection, which shows that the numbers seem to be stagnant and going down. What is positive is the difference between the numbers of hospitalized persons and those who are discharged from hospitals, since it has been reduced, Prime Minister Brnabic said, adding:

    “The medical part of the Crisis Staff asked of us, as you know, to adopt very restrictive measures, and the current measures are masks indoors and outdoors, where it is not possible to maintain a distance. This part of the staff demanded the adoption of measures banning public gatherings of more than five persons for at least 10 days, shortening working hours to 5 pm for the facilities that are not essential,” Brnabic pointed out and recalled that we had 2.9 million people who had been vaccinated.

    It was decided that it would be clear what the medical part of the Crisis Staff asked of us, to continue with the existing measures, and that, along with this, vaccination was a necessity.

    “The most important and vital for us is vaccination, vaccination … We saw that when we had restrictive measures, then the mass immunisation stopped, and it is the most important for us. My dilemmas are about our actions when we introduce the measures requested by the medical part of the Crisis Staff. The only way to overcome all this is to be vaccinated,” the Prime Minister stated.

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