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    Anti-Corruption Agency investigates money distribution on the street

    After a member of the Main Board of the SPS from Nis, Ana Grozdanovic, boasted that she had distributed RSD 5,000 to citizens on the street and that 100 of them received money, the Anti-Corruption Agency says that it will check the media allegations, in order to determine whether the Law on Financing Political Activities was violated.

    Grozdanovic distributed money, notebooks, pens and pendants, she boasted about it on Instagram and she pointed out that this activity had been financed by people who did not want their names to be made public, and she called the mysterious donors „dear friends“.

    The Anti-Corruption Agency responded to the Juzne vesti portal that it would determine whether there were violations of the Law.

    In relation to your questions regarding the actions of Ana Grozdanovic, a member of the Main Board of the Socialist Party of Serbia, we inform you that the Anti-Corruption Agency will, in the specific case, verify the allegations public in the media, in order to determine the existence of a possible violation of the Law on Financing Political Activities, the Agency states.

    As a reminder, the Nis-based SPS had previously distanced itself from the activities of Ana Grozdanovic, and experts pointed out that the cash flows in politics were not best regulated, noting that such activities were marketing-related and unnecessary.

    Grozdanovic also attracted public attention when she demanded on Instagram that any negative comment about the character and work of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic should be punished by prison, but also when she announced that she had provided jobs and salaries of RSD 50,000 to single mothers who helped her during the election campaign.

    Izvor: Južne vesti

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