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    A new wind farm in Alibunar

    Today, the Belgian company Elicio opened a wind farm in Alibunar, worth 80 million euros, which will start producing and delivering electricity for 38,000 households in October.

    At the opening of the wind farm, Minister of Mining and Energy of Serbia Aleksandar Antic said that that investment „is the image of energy-responsible Serbia“.

    „We have made a lot of effort in the past few years in order to provide conditions and procedures that should enable the realization of such investments, which, due to their complexity, require state support,“ Antic said.

    He added that the wind farm in Alibunar was proof that Serbia „is progressing in terms of energy because it transformed something that was science fiction into reality.“

    He thanked the investor for recognising that Serbia was an economically and energy-wise stable country that could be a partner in such projects.

    CEO of Elicio, Ludo Vandervelden, said that the wind farm would enable the reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide by 105,000 tons, which is a major contribution of Serbia to environmental protection.

    Elicio invested EUR 20 million in the wind farm, while the International Financial Corporation (IFC) of the World Bank and commercial banks provided an additional EUR 60 million in order to realise this investment.

    The wind farm in Alibunar is the first wind farm built in Serbia with a connection to the electricity transmission system and it consists of 21 turbines with a total power of 42 megawatts.

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    Foto: Pixabay

    Piše: B.M.

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