16th plant has been opened as of New Year, Mayor offers work to everyone

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    16th plant has been opened as of New Year, Mayor offers work to everyone

    “Refrion”, yet another Italian company, twelfth in a row, has been opened in Sabac, and in its production facility will employ 45 workers by the end of the year, for a salary of RSD 55,000. The company manufactures refrigeration and ventilation equipment, and all products are exported to the EU. The CEO of the newly opened company David Tomasin has praised cooperation with representatives of the Town of Sabac and announced expansion of production by the end of the year. “We have years of experience with the town of Sabac, as the first project was realized in 2007 and then cooperation continued to mutual satisfaction,” Tomasin has said. He has added that location of the plant in the Free Zone, near the Freight Transport Centre Sabac is excellent for the needs of import and export, that it currently employs 20 workers, but by the end of the year an increase to 40 to 45 workers is planned. The Mayor of Sabac Nebojsa Zelenovic has paid a visit to “Refrion”, pointing out that healthy competition will raise the price of work in Sabac, and emphasized that newly opened company did not receive a single subsidy. “There, you can see what can happen when you talk to people openly and when you let people do their business and invest in their own businesses. Sixteen new companies came to our town as of New Year, and all came based on recommendation of companies that had good business experience in Sabac,” Zelenovic has said. He has pointed out that the number of unemployed people in Sabac is decreasing, but “the real data is that we lack people”. “At the moment workers from Sremska Mitrovica are coming to this company, and all those who are dissatisfied or looking for a job I offer a job here,” Zelenovic has said.

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