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    State purchasing NEW CARS to taxi drivers, subsidies up to several thousand euros

    The subsidies that Belgrade taxi drivers should receive from state, following their decision to terminate city blockage that lasted for several days, refer to „financial aid that taxi drivers will be able to use to purchase vehicles,“ the „Blic“ daily has found out. According to information obtained by this newspaper, the subsidies will amount to several thousand euros each, and taxi drivers will have to fulfil two conditions. „The exact amount is unknown for the time being, but it was agreed that state would give each taxi driver several thousand euros, by paying money to seller of the vehicle selected by the taxi driver,“ a source from the taxi association stated. After twelve days of blockade in downtown Belgrade, taxi drivers ended their protest yesterday, following talks with the President Aleksandar Vucic. Vucic said after the meeting that taxi drivers would receive state subsidies, but did not specify what kind of subsidies. However, our interlocutor adds that state in turn requires taxi drivers to meet several conditions. “Two key conditions for obtaining a subsidy are that taxi association is registered and has no debt towards state. There will certainly be more conditions, like for example that you are engaged in a taxi business for a certain period of time, but the final list has yet to be defined,” the same source reports. Anyway, there are around 6,500 taxi drivers in Belgrade, and around 1,200 in Novi Sad.

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