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    More than SEVEN percent of Serbia is BELOW the absolute poverty threshold

    During 2018, 7.1 percent of the population had expenditures below the absolute poverty threshold, which was RSD 12,286 a month and which is not enough even for basic life needs, the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Team of the Serbian Government (SIPRU) announced. The team of the Serbian government that presented findings of the Absolute Poverty Evaluation in Serbia in 2018 marked the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty with a work meeting dedicated to improving the position of vulnerable groups in the society, the statement said. Even though child poverty rate went down when compared to 2017 (from 9.5 percent to 7.8 percent), they remain at the above-average risk, as well as those living outside towns, and among whom the poverty rate is two times higher than those living in urban areas (10.4 percent opposed to 4.8 percent). Residents in the region of southern and eastern Serbia are particularly at risk, as among whom the poverty rate is 11.9 percent, as well as members of multi-person households. Statistics also show that labour market status and level of education have a decisive impact on poverty, as every fifth person living in a household in which the breadwinner has no primary school education is poor, as well as every fifth person living in a household in which breadwinner is not employed. The Government’s Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Team also reminds that the poverty risk threshold or relative poverty line is an average of RSD 16,615 per month for a single household, i.e. RSD 34,892 for a four-member household with two adults and two children up to 14 years of age.

    Izvor: N1, FoNet

    Foto: Pixabay

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