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    Zitounija: Immediately lift ban on flour export

    It has been three weeks since the ban on the export of flour and wheat has been in place, and the mills have been making surpluses in recent weeks. That is why the Association of the Milling, Bakery and Pasta Industry of Serbia has two requests, reports N1 TV.

    „To immediately lift the ban on the export of flour or, if the Government does not want to do so for some reason, then to apply the Law on Commodity Reserves so that Serbia’s Commodity Reserves would have to buy all surplus flour at market prices. A great deal of damage has already been done, because other countries are already infiltrating our market and there is a danger that we will lose to a large extent the flour market on which we have been sovereignly ruling for five or six decades,“ said Zdravko Sajatovic from Zitounija.

    According to the Chamber of Commerce, Serbia exports about 126,000 tons of flour, mostly to the neighbourhood markets: 44,255 tons go to Montenegro, 35,637 tons to North Macedonia, the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina is supplied with about 35,000 tons of flour, and Albania is supplied with 4,234 tons.

    Izvor: N1

    Foto: Pixabay

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