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    Works on the corridor: “Drilling” of Fruska Gora begins in late June

    At the end of June, the drilling of the tunnel through Fruska Gora under Iriski Venac on the route of the Fruska Gora Corridor should begin.

    According to Dnevnik, at the same time, the construction of a temporary bridge on the Danube River near Petrovaradin, which will serve for the construction of the main bridge, began at the construction site of another key facility on the 47.7-kilometre long future highway from Ruma to Kac.

    The public company Koridori recalls that preparatory works on the tunnel, which forms part of the second of a total of four sections of the Fruska Gora Corridor, which will comprise two pipes of about 3.6 kilometres, began on May 1 last year, and that construction works, which include the construction of temporary excavations, an access road, support structures in the entrance portal zone, began in the last quarter of 2021.

    They say that, for now, there are no deviations from the set deadlines, which are 48 months from the start of the works on Section 2.

    „In accordance with the Construction Project for the construction of the Iriski Venac tunnel, the slope in the entrance portal zone is stabilized. It is expected to be completed at the end of June, when the conditions for the start of works will be met on the tunnel portal itself and later on the excavation of the tunnel section,“ says the Koridori company.

    The Koridori Srbije company says for Dnevnik that, as any section is functionally completed, it will be opened for traffic.

    This project is implemented by the Chinese firm CRBC, the value exceeds 650 million euros, and according to the officials’ announcements, it should be completed in the next two years.

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    Foto: Pixabay

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