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    Workers of Jeanci in Leskovac receive warning before dismissal due to recent strike

    About a hundred workers of the Turkish textile factory Jeanci in Leskovac have received individual warnings that conditions for dismissal have been met „because they violated work discipline on March 1 this year“, when some of them stopped the machines and protested because of the delay in January salaries.

    Some of them say that they are scared and that the next step is – dismissal.

    On the day of the protest, March 1, the workers received their salaries, but before that, at about noon, the officials of the factory told those who did not want to work to go home and that they would be paid for that day as well.

    They say that their salaries were 15 days late, and one of the managers says that the employment contracts do not state that the salaries for the previous month must be paid by the 15th of the next month, but by the end of the month.

    „I can confirm that with the workers’ contracts. The problem here was that the salary was only one day late. They did not trust us that the salary would be paid the next day and we are very disappointed that they did not believe us but instead stopped the machines,“ one of the factory managers said.

    Asked by a Beta reporter if these workers would actually be dismissed, he responded negatively.

    „No, not at all. This is just a warning. Our employees need to know that we keep our promise. We are like one big family, and we have to respect each other. If we said that the salaries would be paid the next day, we would fulfill that, and in February we had problems with the collection of receivables, so the payment of salaries was one day late,“ he pointed out.

    He added that this was the first time that the management of Jeanci decided to take such a step during 12 years of operation in Leskovac.

    “This is just a warning and we will not take further steps unless similar situations are repeated. We plan to hold a meeting on Friday and to clarify everything,“ one of the heads of Jeanci told Beta.

    Izvor: Beta

    Foto: Pixabay

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