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    Jubilee 30th Kopanik Business Forum is over

    The jubilee 30th Kopaonik Business Forum brought together more than 1600 participants, 200 panelists, 34 panels were organized, as well as three sessions and four special events. According to Aleksandar Vlahovic, president of the Association of Economists of Serbia, the Forum fulfilled the expectations, and the conclusions from the most important conference event in the country and the region were evident from the first day.

    „First, we live in a period of pronounced economic and geopolitical risks. The growth of the global economy is expected to slow down this year, especially the growth of the eurozone. However, what is good and what the experts of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank estimate is that the persistence of the economic zone is significantly higher than what they expected, and this is good news for us, as far as Serbia is concerned, we are starting this year with solid, good, satisfactory macroeconomic parameters. We see that this continued in the first two months of this year, the stability is prolonged, but, on the other hand, that does not mean that economic reforms should not continue strongly. They are primarily related to the additional, more concrete restructuring and reforms of big public companies, further investments and development of the economic environment, in order to stimulate the level of domestic private investments, because it was estimated that domestic private investments were increasingly lower and lower every year, and they had also been decreasing in terms of the share in investments,“ said Vlahovic at the end of this year’s Kopaonik Business Forum.

    What is further assessed, as Vlahovic points out, is that if inflation in the eurozone decreases, it is realistic to expect that we will halve the inflation in Serbia by the end of the year and that it will return to the targeted range by the end of next year.“

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