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    Women over 45 years of age are “invisible” to employers in Sumadija

    Out of the 22,577 unemployed people in Sumadija, 13,299 are women, and more than half of this number (6,972) are women over the age of 45.

    This is shown by the data from the latest statistical report of the National Employment Service, reported by the Pressek portal.

    According to the portal, Kragujevac-based association „Putokaz“ believes that unemployed women older than 45 are an invisible group for employers, despite their knowledge and work experience.

    In 2021, this association interviewed 37 unemployed women from the territory of Sumadija, aged over 45.

    „Almost all of them have lost faith in the ‘state and system’, they claim that the National Employment Service (NSZ) ‘is not doing its job’, they are not satisfied with the cooperation with the NSZ, they have often been able to hear negative comments at the expense of their age and they have often experienced various humiliations at the expense of physical appearance and gender.“

    Most of them believe that employment is possible almost exclusively through connections, primarily „political“, according to Putokaz’s report.

    Putokaz believes that the key problem when it comes to women older than 45 on the labour market is that they are marginalized twice – based on gender and age.

    „They are not only marginalised in relation to their male colleagues, but also in relation to their younger colleagues,“ as Snezana Milisavljevic of Putokaz has told the portal Pressek.

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