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    Bogoljub Karić

    „We gave up on Makis, we are not building in Serbia because LOCATIONS are TOO EXPENSIVE“

    Bogoljub Karic, the owner of the BK Group and president of the Strength of Serbia Movement has stated that he has given up on building the Tesla City at Makis, that his company is not building anything in Serbia at the moment because he cannot get the right location, and those that are offered to him are too expensive.

    Bogoljub Karic told Newsmax Adria that the Tesla City project had existed for three decades and that it had been offered to all the governments since then, but that no adequate location was found for it so far, adding that Makis was also abandoned as a potential location.

    „About ten years ago, there was a proposal from the city that one of the locations might be Makis. Our team started talks with geologists and experts and obtained information from people who know the location very well that we will have problems with water, sewers, piles and all this will increase construction costs, while there are beautiful locations in Belgrade and that they would not choose that location if they were us“, said Karic.

    The owner of the BK Group said that he was not building anything in Serbia because the locations offered to him were too expensive.

    „I am a man who builds millions of square meters. I am not building anything in Serbia yet because I cannot find a location. The ones offered to me are too expensive. We were offered Ovca, Borca, Ada Huja, Zemun, Ostruznica, but we did not get any location. We have not privatized anything, not a single company, so we should buy from someone who has privatized it at a price 10 times higher. We do not want to buy something like that, it is too expensive and we are waiting for better times,“ said Karic.

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