Programmers' average salary is THREE TIMES HIGHER than the average in Serbia

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    Programmers’ average salary is THREE TIMES HIGHER than the average in Serbia

    The survey “Pulse of the Serbian IT community” has showed that the salaries of IT candidates are up to three times higher than the average salary in other sectors, and numerous benefits such as flexible working hours, work from home, private health insurance are just some of the reasons why this sector is among the most sought-after sectors in Serbia and an area where there are almost no unemployed people.

    When we talk about IT professionals, we generally expect that the vast majority of them are satisfied with their job and work environment.

    In terms of satisfaction, as many as 82 percent of programmers are satisfied with their jobs, while the rest of the respondents expressed dissatisfaction. These data should be compared with the data related to the desire to change jobs, which show that two thirds of them are not actively looking for a job, but are interested in offers.

    Every fourth candidate is looking for a new job, and the other respondents have no desire to change their jobs.

    On the other hand, the change of jobs occurs due to certain factors that influence this decision.

    For IT experts, when deciding whether they want to change their work environment, salary is the most important, followed by work in new technologies, more challenging projects, as well as a better work/life balance.

    The fact that IT professionals are first on the list of the highest paid occupations is already known, but the question is how much they really earn.

    According to the available data obtained by the website, the average salary of a programmer is over EUR 1,500.

    The survey also shows that a large number of programmers earn between EUR 500 and 1,000, which shows that there is a large number of programmers on the market with just a few years of relevant experience in this industry.

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