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    Električna energija

    Minister assures us: Serbia is STABLE in terms of energy

    Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlovic, has said that Serbia is stable in terms of energy and that it has sufficient quantities of petroleum, petroleum products and other energy sources in reserves that could last for more than 40 days.

    She said that the state had sufficient quantities of fuel oil, diesel and gasoline for households and businesses and that a stable supply had been provided.

    „The state has provided sufficient quantities of fuel oil, diesel fuel and gasoline, and we will have enough electricity and heat and energy products for the entire winter season. We have enough petroleum and petroleum products in our reserves for more than 40 days, which is enough to respond in cases of supply disruptions. The reserves of fuel oil at the disposal of EPS, the Republic Directorate for Commodity Reserves, obligatory reserves and heating plants exceed 70,000 tons, and in commodity reserves alone we have 20,000 tons of diesel and five thousand tons of gasoline,“ said Mihajlovic, as her office announced.

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