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    „We do not need THIRD VACCINE DOSE, fourth wave will not be more difficult“

    Virologist Ana Gligic has estimated that a third dose of the vaccine against the coronavirus will not be needed, since, as she pointed out, the fourth wave will not be more difficult than the previous one.

    „The majority of patients now have a clinical presentation similar to the common cold, and that, along with the fact that more severe forms of the disease develop only in unvaccinated persons, is a sign that we do not need a third dose of the vaccine,“ she said for today’s edition of Vecernje Novosti daily.

    According to her, the fact that 90 percent of patients in hospitals are those who have not been vaccinated is a sufficient reason to say that „vaccines do work“.

    Delta strain produces a „milder“ clinical presentation, which is a sign, Gligic claims, that the virus is weakening, but it is more transmissible.

    When it comes to the lambda strain of the coronavirus, Gligic says that Japanese scientists believe that it can be declared a „challenging variant“.

    She says that with the lambda strain, antibodies „neutralize the virus less“.

    „This means that the resilience of those who have been vaccinated and those who have had covid is reduced,“ the virologist explains.

    Izvor: Beta/Večernje Novosti

    Foto: YT/Printscreen

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